Lionel New Applicant

Hello everyone,

I’ve been raiding with this guild for the past few months through Open Raid and I finally transferred my character over to Tanaris. Just cuz I think you guys are just swell.

For my past gaming experience I started off on the PS2, I started late compared to most people, mostly playing Kingdom Hearts (still do to this day) and eventually slowly been converted over to PC through games like WoW during BC and Steam sales. In the end I play alot of RPGs, ya name it, I’m pretty sure I played it.

Besides video games, I enjoy playing tabletop war games, building gundam models, animation, and watching anime/cartoons.

I have a good sense of humor (Bad puns) and I’m pretty optimistic view on most things in life, so I can be a good sport especially when all I GET IS GOLD ON MY BONUS ROLLS!!!

For a little IRL bits about me, I’m a aspiring animator trying to get my big toe in the industry. While its still my goal to get in, right now I work in semi-conductors to pay the bills and keep working on being an animator on my days off.

I still look forward to raiding with you guys in the future and now hopefully as an official member of the Guild.

Yay Lionel! So so so happy to see your app here. Get a hold of any member to see if an officer is about for a quick, rather painless interview and lets get you in the guild.

WOOOOO! One of US!!!
Interviewed and approved by Mir! =D

Hey Lionel,

My son is studying animation at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, currently a senior. As the parent footing the bill, I often wonder how hard it is to get a job in that field. Did you go the art school route, or just naturally gifted? Hope you have luck finding a job soon!


i went to school but like most jobs its best to get in the industry by knowing someone in the industry, otherwise its going to be a bit of an uphill battle trying to get in depending on what he specialize in. Because this is an international industry, getting in as an Animator is very highly saturated market in my opinion, most studios are looking more technical position more often (i.e. lighting, computer science, simulated animations, or procedural generated assets)

I specialized in 3D animation, mainly the kinetics of moving characters in a believable fashion and my teacher that taught me, had his education online with I think this is also another viable way to learn as well. Doing online is cheep but at least at my school where I went we had a dedicated program that also taught how the industry work and getting comfortable communicating with other people in other fields.

Right now I’m working in Semi-conductors, and after getting a good financial position I’m out looking for freelance jobs and trying to build up my reputation from there.

In the end though, as long as your son is very good with networking, he could in pretty easily.