Let's make this official.

So…yah know…we’ve had this thing for a while now. And like, I’m not the type to settle down…but like, I feel this connection between us. So I may have rolled a lowbie Edyion on your server, and I might be lurking around wanting to be let in like a stray puppy…

Seriously though this is Edyion from Kil’Jaden and I’d love to join the guild with my clone. Not like y’all can get rid of me now, right?


Omg Edyion!! It’s about time!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Definitely message any GOML member to get in touch with an officer (or you can just grab Mir!)


Happy to see you make your way over here.

It was all that smack-talkin’ we were sharing last night in Heroes… wasn’t it? xD Or well… maybe all the smack-talkin’ we’ve been having ever since, well, since ever! xD


I am the smack talk, madam.