Let me in =)


I have some RL friends in your guild (Rubyrhod, Hakaf & Quaelthos). One in particular has been trying to get me over to Tanaris, join the Horde and GOML since I’ve come back from a 2 year break. I’m a very casual player with numerous alts. Don’t really raid as such (got burned out on the work involved) or pvp. I’m an original WoW player from the beta stress test days. Also am an old fart that doesn’t like drama either. Iv’e rolled new toons for Tanaris and burned my 100 boost for my new main, hunter named Zidaya.

I like the get to know the guild section and think I would fit in.

Cobalt60 (Tim)

More clan Ruby!!! xD Seriously, Ruby, you know a lot of people, haha!

Just grab Ruby or any other officer the next time you’re online for a quick interview/invite. For friends and family, it should only take about 6.5 hours vs. our normal 9 hours.

I kid… or do I? o.O

Also, just as a heads-up, we are running our Learn2Raid group tonight, so it might be hard to get someone’s attention between 8:30-11:00est.

Oh noes… he actually did it. he done joined the Horde =) It only took promises of Brownies AND Cake! Welcome to the Lawn! (Interviewed and invited by Ruby btw)