Just saying hello.

Heya guys. It’s Livid. Just saying hello and apologizing for not being on much over the past ooooooooo… several months. Looks like I might be on a bit more due to guild changes on the hiss alliance side, and I got a few friends playing horde with me now I hope to be on more in the future, work and natural disaster permitting. Just wanted to tell you guys if remember me and you’re online and I log in gimme a holler because all the new alts now makes my head spin. I’m soooooooo confused. I’m sure I’ll get it down though. Been referencing the player notes alot so I’m starting to learn a bit more of who’s who. Just gimme time. :smiley: Good to see things are still laid back in the guild as well. Whelp… uhm… I spose that’s it. Happy hunting GOML friends and I’ll see you all later.