Just curious why I got /Gkicked

So when an officer sets out a proclamation for a code of behavior, and that same officer clearly breaks that code of behavior, it’s okay, according to guild officers, to look the other way and then /gkick the individual who brings up the point of contention?

A racial slur is not comparable to a boob joke. You’re lucky you got a second chance considering what you said in public while wearing our guild tag.

I booted you because you obviously have some angst against me for booting you the first time you were kicked out. This most recent time was because a silly joke in guild chat resulted in you whispering an officer demanding to know why your racial slur in WG wasn’t okay whereas my joke in guild chat is fine.

We’re kinda tired of giving people second chances and then it bites us in the rear. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Oh course I have some angst against an individual who is supposed to be acting as an OFFICER of a guild who berates myself and others and then acts out in a far worse manner.,… constantly… unendingly, the insults, the belittlement. the the Racial slur? What racial slur? I said I was as white as a mayonnaise cracker, have you never heard White and Nerdy by Weird AL? doesn’t matter, You laid down the lawn in the forums, and the you drawn ascii tits in guild chat, and get offended that people are expecting you to hold yourself to the same standard that you hole others? If I messed up fine, You told me so, but to tell ME I was out of line, and then act like a cad yourself, IS. NOT. ACCEPTABLE.

Circus boobs, have a nice life guy, you’re taking this WAY too seriously, take a break, sit back, relax, and enjoy life.

I’m taking this way too seriously? Really? YOU set a code of conduct, and then I ask you to adhere to the same code you expect of me, and then you freak and /gkick me when I call your ‘mistake/double-standard?’ what ever. You need to grow up and learn that rules are rules, and if you expect others to play by your rules, you have to play by those same rules too.

I’ve allowed a bit of airing out but enough is enough. You have a different view on this than we do and I wish you the best.

Zan… everyone gave you thoughtful responses until you sent me a tell calling everyone a@@holes.

You have shown yourself on several occasions that you have no concern about your language to anyone. There are many women in this guild and that doesn’t matter to you in the least when you get angry. You lost this one when you lashed out at me without any attempt at real discussion. Your lack of self control just isn’t ok here.

Sometimes, people just don’t fit. No biggie. Good luck to you.