Is there room for Mezz?

Hey There-

It’s been a long time, seven years I think, since I was a member of the guild. I’ve thought of this group often and hoped that someday our paths would cross again. And apparently this whole “Legion” thing is worth checking out, so I thought it might be time to come back.

If you can’t remember, I joined the guild in 2007 and was a member for two years. I left mid-Wrath in 2009 (I think, my memory isn’t what it used to be), to join an LGBT guild on another server. It was a tough decision, I loved GOML and didn’t want to leave the group but in the end I decided to make the jump. It was a big change joining a guild of 1000’s! I kinda felt lost at times and by the time Mists came along I decided it might be time to check out other games. I tried SWTOR, Final Fantasy 14, Neverwinter, and enjoyed them but through it all I never found the spark that I felt on Tanaris with my friends in GOML.

I’ve read a lot of great things about the latest expansion, but to be honest an equal draw for me is connecting with GOML again. I’ve resurrected Mezz (can you do that to an Undead?) and am slowly figuring out how to fly that silly carpet again (and yes, Mirosa, he’s still Frost!) Apparently the name was taken so I’ve chosen ‘Memezz’ as his new name. I’d love to be a part of the guild again if there’s room. :slight_smile:

I hope to see you all soon!



P.S. Funny story: you guys used to ask what our first album was to see if we met the age requirement. One of my first was The Pointer Sisters - Breakout and my favorite song was ‘Jump For My Love’. Well, about 2 months ago I heard that song at a dance party and jumped and jumped as I relived the mid-80’s in my head. The next day I couldn’t walk. Turns out I tore my meniscus from all the jumping. Knee surgery took care of it, but lesson learned: no more jumping, my knees aren’t what they once were. From now on it’s “Gently Bend and Raise For My Love”.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMFG Mezz!!! I did a double take when I checked the forums and saw your name!!! It’s Mezz!!! =D !!! So psyched!!!

Yep, even after 7 years, your lawn chair is right here, nice and shiny.

Next time you’re online, just ask any member for an officer who can do a re-invite. I tend to play more in the evenings if you have any trouble finding one. (Also, I’m west coast now…weeeee!) xD

Yea Mirosa! It’s so nice to hear from you, and double yea for your move to the west coast!! Thank you for saving my chair, I promise to take good care of it.

I’ll ping you the next time hop online. So glad to be back!!

Hey Mezz!! Welcome back!

Mezz! Long time no see! Welcome back :slight_smile:

Woohoo! Welcome Back! Been a long time!