I'm baaaaack =D

Hey All!

After many moons w/o a cpu (capable of running WoW), I’m back and frankly kinda skeered at the changes that have happened…I can’t remember what 90% of the stuff in my backpacks does LOL…

Anyway, I would love to be a part of GOML again if possible…lemme know if that’s cool and/or what I need to do to re-apply…Thanks!

See you in-game…I’ll be the toon with the blank look on his face trying to figure out how the heck my UI works =P


Hey welcome back DW! Hope everything is going well.

Hey Nute! Thanks! Glad to be back…


Of course we still have your lawn chair around here somewhere! With all of the recent shaking in the major cities, we’ve been working to fortify our backyard shed, so some things may be a tad disorganized.

By any chance though… have you seen my pudding? I suspect Mikey took it, but I don’t have hard evidence just yet. When I do though…ohhhhh… she’s gonna get it!

Wait… uhm… what were we discussing? Oh right! Just poke any officer for a re-invite when next you’re on and welcome back!

I got Doublewide doubleback doublequick.

is that anything like a doubledown?

I’m still suffering from eating one of those yesterday :doh: