ilvl reqs for Uldir, Tuesday & Thursday groups

For everyone asking about ilvl & Artifact: Progression guilds are requiring 340 & 18 Let that be your your guide moving into next week, especially for Tuesday group. I will not be doing ilvl /AP checks next week, I know you all are doing the best you can, with what time you have, to get ready for Uldir. (As of Friday, I’m ilvl 327 & 15, for reference), so don’t go freaking out. :stuck_out_tongue: Minimum ilvl is set at 315 for the first 4 bosses., which is only 5 ilvls higher than Heroic dungeons.

I’m up to 326, working on getting that higher as quick as I can. Can’t wait to see new fights!

Currently at 335 on Smallpoxx. Probably not going to get higher before Tuesday.

Got up to 333 yesterday! Might get a point or two higher depending on WQ

just hit 334.


I would like to bring my mage (Xynie) for the raid this week. She is around 342. I can make it Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Raid this week:
Arryianna and I are planning to be there.
GradeABeef would like to join if there’s room.

Just now seen this I don’t meet the requirement, but will work on it just been busy with two jobs late.