If you ever need a car rental on a sunday...

Rent a U-haul. xD

As many of you might have heard, our car almost caught fire last Saturday night during our move. We couldn’t get a rental car on sunday since most places were closed. We needed a ride, so I remembered that U-Haul is open on the weekends nice and early =D

We took a van and managed to move a bunch of stuff ahead of the movers on Monday, (which shaved $300 off the estimate, thus easily paying for the van and cab fare hehe). If a van is too big (and yes… it’s big), most locations do have offer the small trucks with open beds. It isn’t a luxury rental, but on a sunday, you can do worse lol.

Just remember, unlike a rental car, U-haul does charge milage, so don’t go nuts with it! Also, U-haul does not require a major credit card as a credit check, so if you have cut up your cards, this is a no hassle fix to that as well.

Hooray U-haul!

I can see it now…Mir’s Cataclysm goblin name “Uhaul”…

“i got the best deals anywhere”
“i got what you need”
“time is money, friend”


That’s creative thinking, Mir :slight_smile:

Does anything ever work out easy for you two :slight_smile:

lmao… not when you decide you need to move in under 3 weeks. xD
I’m about to make my last trip to the old apartment to tidy up and hand in the keys before the all mighty ‘Earl’ shows up and floods the place. Talk about getting out just in time, huh? Foundation leak + Cat 4 hurricane skimming the state = a potentially terrible mess. Fortunately, it’s not our problem anymore.

hehe, and thanks, Ryla! I don’t know in what deep, sleep deprived and tired area of my mind that idea came from, but it saved the day for sure. It may have been all of the candy van jokes we have with Glork. Candy van + move = Uhaul?

Here’s one last bit of math:

Mir + utilities shutting off today = better get the last junk out of the old fridge asap xD

See you all later tonight, unless Earl noms our power grid! =P

Uh oh, Mir - don’t give Glork an excuse to come help you move. He’s just looking for something to save him from the in-laws. It’s been Matlock reruns at the Glugly household all week - heck, you know it’s bad when Vanna White is still that “young thing!”