I wish to play more with my friends

To any and all who wish to be concerned, or not as the case may be.

I, Giggly/Stalgheist/Lyrch/…, do so wish to inquire about entry of my new character into the hallowed halls of the number one horde guild on Greymane, Get off My Lawn. Samerinagosa has no home yet and wishes to be brought into the fold for scritches and snuggles and blowing ups of nasties across the face of Azeroth.

I shall bring forth the Sacred Butter Dish for Mirosa so that her butter may ever be soft and spreadable. I would do a great many things with a million dollars and a skull shaped island if I can locate another. (Minions blew up the last one).

Thank you for your consideration and may the drops be ever in your favor.

~Jiggly, I mean Ginhi, I mean Samerinagosa