I wish I was special, but I'm a creep...(lyrics from my first album, I'm not really)

If you couldn’t tell from the title of my application, the name of my first album was Creep by Radio Head. OK, that’s probably not 100% true, but it is the one I claim. Creep was the album that changed my relationship to music. 2) My favorite color is an almost red pink. It’s actually the color of the wall surrounding my house.

I don’t need to wait for a cougar cruise calamity to run around in a panic, as I’m probably actually standing in fire and need a rez eventually.

I am 48 year old guy, originally from the United States, but now a full time legal resident of Mexico. I live in a small country town in the State of Queretaro, high up in the mountains with my four dogs and spouse. I’m the only gamer in the house, though I keep trying to teach my youngest, yet biggest dog to heal for me. She’s not having it. Perhaps I need to teach her to play my Warlock after all.

I have been playing games most of my life, but I started MMO’s, more specifically WoW in 2004 with my brother and his young son. We still play together to this day. I come and go often, but I always return to my first love like all good junkies. I also play GW2 regularly with the large multi game guild Gaiscioch since 2010. I joined them during Rift and have played many games over the years with this amazing group of people.

I’m currently in a random guild in WoW, but I don’t feel it’s a good fit and looking for a new home. I came to Greymane during Shadowland to defeat the long queues. I’ve read all the FAQ’s and information for new folks, and feel GOML would be a good fit for me. I like the humor, the application process, and being with fellow seniors. I just can’t bring myself to say “bet” like the yungins.

I have an easy personality, and normally pretty quiet until I actually know you. Though I’m always happy to do group content or play alone. I like having options and meeting people. I’m always on Discord, but I tend to avoid voice chat unless it is for an event. I like the in game music and I want to hear the story/voice acting.

I am not a raider, I’m too *****ng lazy for that. I don’t like commitments or a schedule I have to follow. I have way to much time on my hand, so I do play a lot, but I’m just not into the hardcore aspect. I like questing and regular dungeons, but open to all play style in a casual environment. I love doing group content with easy going people.

I was in a motorcycle accident a few years ago when I lived in California. I felt silly but I did use one of the scooters to do my grocery shopping because I was on cruches. The thing ran out of batteries half way through, so I had to abandon my full basket and hobble to the front to find help. (Is this a jazzy hoverround story?)

I have no idea why Mirosa needs a butter keeper, but I will say this. If they have enough butter to need a special keeper, that person is for reals a keeper. Enough said, more butter please.

If I had a million billion dollars and a skull shaped island, I would buy the best gaming setup and keep doing what I do now. Game and have lots of dogs. So many dogs, since I now have an Island. Oh, and eat butter and invite Mirosa over for some delicious, rich, greasy yumminess. All made by my personal chef of course.

Finally, I’m not really an overweight black woman (one can wish though). My avatar and username Grizelda Brown is from John Water’s 1977 cult film Desperate Living. Grizelda is the nurse for a Neurotic and delusional housewife Peggy Gravel who’s now on the run after Grizelda smothers Peggy’s husband to death by sitting on him. After being caught by a cross-dressing policeman they were given the options to be arrested or flee in exile to Mortville, a filthy shanty town for outcasts ruled by the evil Queen Carlotta and her daughter, Princess Coo-Coo.

Peggy and Grizelda choose Mortville. So do I.

Wow… I don’t think anyone has ever offered me butter before. I mean, how did we get this far and not a single person has ever thought to share their butter with me? Crazy I tell you!.

Speaking of which, this is one of the best apps we’ve had in a long time and I genuinely enjoyed it. I’m also crazy, so take my glowing endorsement with a grain of salt (which belongs in butter, only freaks use unsalted… even you bakers, just give up and use salted butter grrrr, nothing is worse than buttering toast with accidental unsalted butter! The risks are not worth it.).

And omg… and you had an honest to goodness actual Jazzy story. Are you real… o.O ??? Birds aren’t real. So are you a bird is a better question.

Anyway, the next time you’re in game do a /who Get Off My Lawn and ask any of the deviants or wastrels you find for an officer who can do a quick and painless interview! =D (did I sound convincing with that smile?)


Ohhhhh, and as for your “I don’t raid because I’m lazy” comment… jokes on you. We raid here and we’re all reallly f*cking lazy!!! check-mate! It still doesn’t mean you ever have to raid, but you know, if it was only because you’re lazy, I just removed that boundary for you. xD !!!

Oh my god, unsalted butter is blasphemy. I report anyone I see buying it to the local cartel. They deserve whatever they get.

I’ll take that as a complement, even from a crazy person.

Birds are not real. Someone should start a campaign telling people that. Perhaps they could drive around the country in a van, and spread the word…I don’t know. That’s probably too crazy. I’m still not sure if I’m real. I often question that myself.

I’ll send a search and ping in game once I hit send on this response.

And…lazy raiders I can get down with. That is literally the only boundary I have…that and I love to miss mechanics and stand in red. It’s just so pretty in there.