I has a sew'n madoobob!

OK… I’m officially jealous of this chick. I think I might just have to learn how to actually use my really awesome sewing machine now.



P.S. time sink warning! If you have 10 mins left on your dinner, don’t look! this will make an hour go by like… poof!

Bad Mir! I can’t even find my sewing table under all the boxes in my “dining” room and I’m back to the knitting thing anyway. No crazy dress sewing ideas! No!

Do it… xD

And I thought the “cook all the Julia Child recipes in a year” person was crazy. With such a low budget, this seems so much, do I dare say it, “hardcore.”

I’m totally going to give this link to some of my students. In fact, if anyone has any other cool blogs like this that might get my jaded 9th or 10th graders to read a tiny bit, please let me know!