I AM THE LAWn -Mavie

Hihi!! I’m Mavie/Amanda!

I want to join because I’m getting back into WoW and one of my old buddies is a part of this guild. I only really have experience in WoW and FFXIV, any other MMOs I’ve played were very short lived. I’m generally all smiles and a very proud caster DPS. I can’t dodge AoEs in melee to save my life, so I ONLY play casters (unless I’m a Prot pally cause shield toss). I heard GOML is really laid back, and that is perfect because I want a casual experience this time around. I did heavy raiding last time I played WoW and I just don’t have the patience for it this time around. As for pets that can play warlock, do demons count? Because that is basically all demolock is, right? Though I hear the next expac is going to make a lot of really neat changes to my fave class. I really like pet classes in WoW, as well as high burst classes, so expect to see a frost mage alt as well. My altLock is named HoityToity (gonna race change into Nightborne asap), and I’m sure my mage will be named something similar. I have a mainMage named MavieTheMage, but it is currently in the process of being realm and faction transferred. As for my goal: I want ALL the prettiest mounts. End game right there. Looking forward to joining up with you guys, and hoping my husband makes it in too!!


PS: Lemme know if there’s anything else you need to know about me, and feel free to hmu in game if you just want a friend <3

Just checking in on this app, since it still seems inactive. There was a mention of a friend in the guild (so assumed you were already in?), but someone forgot to give forum access. If you still haven’t been invited, please contact me directly & we’ll arrange a time in game for the interview/invite.

Hi Mir, I talked with someone who was a friend of someone in guild. I was going to do an interview, but they opted to play on a different server so nothing came of it. I can’t remember the toon’s name. This may have been it? I’m forgetful. I should have posted something on the forum at the time while it was still fresh in my mind.