I am looking for a PVP 2v2 partner.

I am a level 80 warlock looking for a PVP 2v2 partner. I have 799 resilience and I am starting to try different builds. I read that Haunt / SL (54 / 17 / 0 is a good build for PVP. Does anyone know of a site that will show me exactly how to do this with a talent calculator that shows where to put the points?

Depending on what time you plan on doing arena I have 2v2/3v3/5v5 practice teams for arena points so you can ping me if your interested sometime after 8pm server time and I can see if we can get a practice group Q’ed up if the time works for you.

That time is good for me. I am on a lot after 8 pm server time. Saturday is the day I have the most extra time but during the week i am on a lot after 8 pm server time.

I also have a 2v2 team i can add u if u like and im a 3v3 as well use to do alot before the linch king came out at level 70 i have a DK level 80 for the 2v2 i have not played a 5v5 team yet

I am already on a 2v2 team but if you are on at times that I am on I would be interested in 3v3.

Better get your 2v2s in before the next patch, where their ability to earn gear will be deminished! :frowning: