Huba Killer Chili dip......mmmmm

abOk kids,some of you may know this one,but not all so i will post anyway.

Ingredients: 1 regular package of Philly spreadable cream cheese(box package)
1 regualar can Hormel chilli (beanless)
1 package Monterey Jack cheese (shreded or sliceable)

preheat oven to 375’.
Spread cream cheese in base of glass caserole dish.10"x10" should be sufficient.
Spread chili over cream cheese.use entire can.
Spread generous layer of shreded cheese or slice cheese enuf to cover entire dish.
heat till cheese is melted thoroughly.
for larger caserole dishes…IE.10"x20",double recipe obviously.
Remove from over and let stand 5 minutes.serve with scoopable tortias and enjoy.

good for any occassion and gauranteed no leftovers…unless you want is great reheated…hehe

I make this same chili dip…and it is absolutely FANTASTIC! It’s quick, cheap, and easy to make. What more could you ask for?!