How invites (have always) worked for Mir's Learn2Raid

Since there seems to be a bit of confusion over how I run the Learn2Raid group, here is the exact policy I’ve used since WoD and will be using tonight. As you can see by the red text, I’ve changed only the names of instance/expansions and removed references to OpenRaid (FFF ol’friend). If you have any confusion at all, please don’t hesitate to message me here, on Discord or in game.

The Tuesday & Thursday groups tend to split out by week 3, so if you didn’t get a spot this week, there will literally be 60 possible raid spots on December 22nd, if not earlier should we progress through normal quickly.

If you are not a regular, or did not get a spot tonight, please consider forming a raid with anyone else on the list who didn’t get to come along. There’s nothing stopping you from hanging in the main Discord channel to hear strat and then running the encounter. =) I will also be streaming on Twitch where you can follow any visuals I’ll be giving to the main raid.


Howdie all,

New expansions are wonderful because it brings so many people back to the game. This also means a lot of friends we may not have seen in months will be hoping to return to the Tuesday Heroic & Thursday Normal raids. For most of ABT BFA, the groups were running at near or full capacity, so before drama hits, here are the rules I’m using to determine who gets to go in the opening weeks of Uldir Castle Nathria as posted on OpenRaid here on the GOML public forums.

***How invites will work for Uldir Nathria:
After chatting with a lot of people returning to the game for the expac, I am anticipating overflow signups when the raid goes live. This is the most fair way I can handle that:
— If you were a reg at the end of Legion Ny’Alotha, you are automatically approved.
— If you were a reg, but told me in advance of real life issues causing a break during ABT Ny’Alotha, you’re automatically approved. (None currently, still accepting Essential Worker requests)
— If you were a reg at some point during Legion BFA, but fell off the wagon, you will be put into reserve and have first dibs on spots.
— If you’re completely new to the raid, you’ll be left in Available in the signup list and grabbed in order of signup, and you must message me at start time to see if we have spots (it takes too long to hunt everyone down).
— Friends/Family who are completely new to the raid can be sponsored, but will come after former regs in Reserve.
— Same rule as during Legion every raid I’ve run since Hellfire Citadel: 3 runs makes you a regular unless I hate you. =P

Also just planting the seed in everyone’s head early, though this will be mentioned on opening night of both groups, just like in Legion: The no back seating rule will be in full force. If you choose to run the raid with another group, watch tons of strat videos, or ran it on the Alpha/Beta servers, good for you, but most of us choose to run it for the first time with this group. Anyone being aggressive about strat or getting bent over wiping will be removed from the run to preserve the enjoyment of the group. If you want a faster paced group, there are plenty on OR or in the LFG. If you want to lead a raid, OR the raid section of our Goml forums are an awesome for making a group that matches your exact needs. If you’re happy with how I run these groups runs, we’ll see you opening day. =D