Hot Dogs in a slow cooker? Yes, you can!

Ughlee’s recipe reminded me that Mir expressed some skepticism about putting hot dogs in the slow cooker. Here’s the “recipe” (not sure it qualifies since it requires nothing but hot dogs) from “Not Your Mom’s Slow Cooker” cookbook. The dogs will be crispy; not as good as on the grill (of course), but this is a great one for when you want something to eat after your kid’s soccer game.

Crock Hot Dogs

8 hot dogs (about one pound)

Put the hot dogs in the slow cooker. Cover and cook on HIGH until hot & slightly browned around edges, 1.5-2 hours. Remove with metal tongs and serve hot, in buns, with the fixings.

Do you not put any liquids or anything else in? Or are you too punk rock to worry about the warnings? :slight_smile:

Well, I was going to ask do you put the dogs in horizontally or vertically?

Moo: No, no liquid necessary. You’re only going on Low for 1-2hrs, so they should be fine unless the casings are really, really thin. And when it comes to warnings, I say “If it isn’t a Deadly Boss Mods warning me, a warning is merely a strong suggestion!”

Scullie: I put’em in horizontally for maximum crisp. Vertical will work fine, but the middle ones won’t be as crispy which is fine too.

Oh, ok. In your original post you said High hence my concern, but yeah, low should be fine for an hour or two.

Doh! I meant “only on HIGH for 1-2 hours”. It is on High, but really, trust me, it works!

After they are as done as you like, definitely turn it down to Low, especially if they need to hold for a while until you are ready to eat.

Okay seriously you people have far too much time to think about eating if you’re cooking hotdogs for an hour or so and then having to keep them warm!!

My suggestion is that you really start working on your WOW achievements and not have so much idle time on your hands.

BTW you can microwave a hotdog in less than a minute. LOL Which is what I do because I don’t think about eating until by body goes “okay feed me or you’re not going to move ever again.”