Home made chicken noodle soup

I rarely measure ingredients when I cook so please forgive me if the mentioned recipe is a pinch of this and a dash of that kind of thing. The reason being is this is a recipe that has been handed down through many many generations on my moms side. We all add and change to what suites out family.

You can reduce this to what works best or add more if you have a big enough pot.


1 whole chicken
6 to 12 eggs
Season Salt
(any other seasoning that you think might work well with chicken)

Around mid morning place the chicken in a large pot of water and bring to a full rolling boil. Reduce heat and cook until the meat falls off the bones. Dont’ skin the chicken as you need this to help add flavor to the broth (This is not a fat free type meal its real old fashioned fat and all chicken and noodles). When the chicken is at this stage carefully remove it from the water, pick the meat off the bones and add it back to the water, I try and make it reasonable sized bits when I do this. I also try and not place the skin back in it has done its job of flavoring the water. Add whatever spices you would like at this time just be careful and don’t over do it.

Take a large mixing bowl (I use a kitchen aide) add your eggs however many you feel like doing. If I’m just making a batch for the family I will try and only use 6 eggs, it doesn’t matter how many you use they will always claim its never enough. Start the mixer at a fairly low speed, add a bit of seasoning to the eggs again not too much. Once the eggs are mixed add flower until the batter starts to get sticky. You may have to change attachments to continue, you want the dough to be only slightly sticky but not so much you can’t roll it out. Now depending on what tools you have such as a pasta maker or a simple rolling pin you need to roll the dough out or run it through the pasta maker according to directions, cut into strips and make sure to really coat the noodles in flour, this helps thicken the broth.

The noodles do not need to dry before adding to the pot, the water does need to be boiling first! This keeps them from sticking together and having one big noodle blob. Now gradually add heavily floured noodles to the boiling water and remember use a VERY big pot, mine is like army huge. Add noodles stirring as you do then when they are all in let them cook for about 20 minutes or so depending on how thick they are. They will plump quite a bit.

The rest is up to you, sometimes I will make mashed potatoes to go with it as the broth is very thick, or other times I will add bits of carrot and celery to the soup. My family loves this dish and so do all the kids friends. I have actually had friends bring over eggs and a chicken and beg me to make it. If your family likes chicken and noodles they will love this and its worth the mess and time to make.


Hand-made egg noodle soup? Sounds delicious, count me in! With the weather turning, this is the perfect choice for rainy days. Or any kind of days! It may be simple, folks, but I say move this one to the front of your recipe box until you know it well enough to make it from scratch!

Being a cooking nub (Aulm knows I’m trying to learn!)

is that a whole raw chicken, or can you get the cooked rotisserie kind from costco?

Just wondering if it saves time, or if it would lose the flavor dropping one of this guys in?

I just asked because I really hate handling the raw birds…parts are fine, but when it still looks like it did, but uhm… all naked, meh, I try to avoid it. If I was going hungry… you know damn well I’d be all for it, but when I can have a choice, I like it cooked already hehe.

Thanks in advance for answering =D

I’m sorry I didn’t see this and get back to you sooner. In truth to get the full flavor into the soup you need to use the raw chicken HOWEVER I have been known to use a smoked turkey breast instead of a chicken when I make the soup so I suppose one of those already cooked birds would do. Just add some chicken broth to the water for the flavor and it should taste just fine.

BTW I made this last weekend had a ginormous kettle that I cooked it in and 8 eggs worth of noodles. In two days it was all gone. No more yummy noodles. :crying-yellow:

You need a secret fridge to hide it in! Like behind a painting, and you can hit a switch inside a statue of Beethoven to open it, revealing noodley goodness for you and only you to enjoy!

LOL the problem with that is their noses, you would be amazed at how strong a sniffers those boys have. The 20 year old can smell those noodles from across the street!

Oh well will just have to whip up another batch one of these days.

If you’re not into making your own noodles (although these sound delicious), I suggest finding dry kluski noodles. My grandmother used to make homemade noodles all the time, and kluskis are as close to her homemade ones as I have ever found. And they stand up well to reheating. They’re what I use to make my chicken noodle soup (about the only thing I make well) and everyone I’ve ever given the soup to just loves them.

I do make my own noodles and even with the pasta attachment to my kitchen aide they are a bit of a pain. I just might look around and see if I can find those noodles and give them a try.

Thanks for the tidbit.