Hey Everyone!!!

Hope you all are doing well! I still think about ya from time to time.

Hmm…an old member perhaps? I dunno…but then again I don’t know much

Hey Viktor! How’s it going?

Hi Viktor! Long time no see! :biggreen:

Everything is going great. Took my pally off the realm for a time to test out the Illidan server but eventually brought him back to stay with family. Things in TDL are alright, I was raiding with them for a while, but because the lack of a decent computer and deciding to take 14hrs over 10 wks this summer, that has kind of fallen to the wayside. How are you all? Oh, in response to dyedblack, I am a former member…and I love to blog.

Blogging is l33t, especially Viktor style!


Checks the blog … yep he has blogged about blogging in his blog.
The Internet … what did English do with out it?