Growing up in NYC I never had a lawn, but many times I would go to central park and just yell at all the young people sitting on a patch of grass. Being that this was NYC most people just ignored my yelling, and chalked me up to just another crazy person. Eventually I was banned from going to central park.

It was at this time I was not sure what I was going to do. Yelling at young people was my only hobby. I tried to get into shuffle board but my back always hurt, I attempted to learn bridge, but the book is too damn long and makes my eyes hurt.

Just when I was going to give up, I went to my mailbox, inside was about 10 CD’s for some program called “America Online.” I had no idea what Online was or why America needed to be online but it looked interesting, so I put that bad boy in my CD drive and I was off to the races.

Every morning I could log in and some nice man would tell me I had mail! I could join these rooms where I could talk to people all over the world. America Online indeed!

Some guy in a chat room told me to play EverQuest (so I did) (de-leveling was sooooo much fun!) then I played EQ2, Star Wars Galaxies etc. played them all. I am returning to WoW after some time off. My old guild has been infested with a bunch of 14 year olds (at least they sound 14). I am very laid back just looking for a cool place to chill (as the kids say these days)

I have 1 dog and she’s amazing. I have no idea what a butter keeper is, I can only assume it keeps your butter fresh? I just use this contraption called an ice box (the traveling salesmen told me it was all the rage nowadays)

So I can have all the money I need and an island shaped like a skull? Well I would obviously use the money to turn the entire island into one big lawn, and post a “Keep of my Lawn” sign.

First album I owned… ummmm it was a vanilla ice cassette tape :sunglasses: my favorite color is blue. I hope that helps you guys get to know me a little bit better. I have to go talk to my friend Tom on MySpace now

Greetings and Salutations!

Thank you for your detailed application! You sound just about old enough to fit in with all of us old crazies. As a frequent visitor to NYC, I’ve probably seen you yelling in Central Park.

Sometimes we sound like a bunch of 14 year olds, but that’s mostly on Raid night. You’ve been warned. Most of us can be pretty mature though…even Gummer has his moments.

Next time you’re online, just do a /who Get Off My Lawn and ask to be directed to an officer for a quick and painless interview. Should you have any trouble getting a hold of one of us, just post a good time to meet up in-game and one of us will hop on. I’m around right now and will be tomorrow if you wanted to whisper for a quick and painless interview.


Interviewed and approved by Kayse