Hello GOML (oddbod)

Hello to all goml members ,

My name in game atm is darktide - my rogue that i rolled on day 1 of the server opening is sitting elsewhere atm so i rolled a death knight , also need to get back into the gameplay flow a little as ive been away since pre patch mop.

My rogue is oddbod - some of you might remember me im not sure - i was in united elite , actually one of the founding officers and some of my fondest memories are on this server back in the day. As stated ive recently returned and i noticed your recruitment post in the tanaris forums - i was like "wow theyre still going - i remember how cool all goml members were and figured if i want to enjoy wow again , a great guild and friendly enviroment would be a great start - im pretty lost after catalysm as far as in game knowledge goes - i just raced my rogue to 100 and he sits on turaylon , i may transfer him depends on how the expansion goes ect.

Anyway a little about me , im aussie , over 40 and a dude. I care for aged people during the week but have acess to wow all the time and expect to play quite a bit now. Your post actually helped re-vitalize my interest. Yay nostalgia. I look forward to meeting you all , i have a very distinctive accent so im sure you will recognise me in voice.

Let the good times roll.

Interviewed and approved by Mir! Welcome to the lawn and back to Tanaris. =D

thankyou very much , its good to be home.