Guildless, old and tired of elitist

Well, where to begin.

My name is Gary Braden, I live in Oklahoma and I’m currently a First Sergeant in the U. S. Army.

First TV: black & white four channels 4, 5, 9, and 13. Yes, I was extremely excited when they added two more 34 & 43.
First Album and concert: Ted Nugent, Cat Scratch Fever.
Favorite Color: Infantry Blue, Yes, we have our own color.
Hobby: Wood crafting, carving, specializing in wood turned art.

Currently I’m 49 and in the process of retiring from the U. S. Army “Infantry” after 25 years and returning to my former profession, finish carpentry. At the moment, I’m putting my shop together in Oklahoma and will open for business in late August after I take a much needed vacation after I retire in July.

I’ve been playing WOW since the beginning in 2006, my current main a hunter “Syeenaschild” has a lot of play time as it was my first and favorite toon. I have other toons but typically play my main and my Blood DK alt “Syee”.

I play WOW as a way of relaxing in my off time and get away from stressors. I’ve been in several guilds and they always seem to start off with the right attitude but always seem to end up as either elitist or nine year olds.

Never filled out an application for a guild. Find it a bit strange, but maybe GOML is just what I’ve been looking for in a guild.

I don’t do drama or conflict. I’ve served in the military since 1990 and have been deployed seven times. I’ve had enough conflict to last several life times and just want to live, play, socialize and well, just be.

I play mainly on weekends but if time permits, I’ll play during the week, Dungeons, raids, quest and just hanging out are my game things. Not so much into PVP. I don’t need for anything in game, I’m self sufficient, and will help anyone that needs it. Hell, if someone needs help outside WOW and I can, I will. It just takes an email.

Hope you find this application adequate for admittance. If not thank you for your time.

Oh, by the way. The best butter keepers are made from Brazilian Grandillo Wood.

Thanks for your consideration

Hi Gary! Thanks for the great application and congrats on your impending retirement milestone! My own boss retires on Friday and he won’t quit singing “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to retirement I go!” around the office. If you think I’m kidding…yeah, no. :wink:

Normally, I’d say that you can whisper any member in-game and they will put you in touch with an officer for a brief interview, but who am I kidding? It’s summer, we’re a couple of weeks away from new content, and Capin sabotaged Mikey’s computer and made it catch fire…so depending on the time of day, actually finding an officer online may be hit and miss. However, I’m off work this weekend and have already been avoiding housework in the name of achievement points, so you might get lucky! If for some reason, you don’t catch one of us soon, feel free mention a good time here and one of us will try to be available.


PS: omg, I had to look up Brazilian Grandillo wood and it is really pretty!

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m singing the same song in my head, but can’t sing it out loud or my Soldiers would make fun of me. LOL. No problems here, I sent an in game request for membership and used the forum post as a reference. Thanks again for the vote of confidence and I’ll see you in-game. Oh, and I thought you like Grandillo it’s one of my favorites.


Aderynn totally beat me to this app on account of delicious spicy wontons and pork buns! Seriously, if you’re ever visiting Seattle/Bellevue, Din Tai Fung is epic eats.

I think Ad would agree with me here in that Goml is awesome regardless of the season, but she speaks the sad truth about Summertime attendance. On account of our members being primarily parents and/or Canadian/northern US residents, this is our low population time due to sun n’ fun. Goml as a guild has been around long enough for me to go through 5, yes count them FIVE leases (none broken and two of them longer than a year!), so no worries on the guild imploding or anything crazy. We really are just a bunch of old farts, playing WoW, guarding our lawns. If you’re just looking for a down to earth, happy bunch to chat with and run occasional things, then you’re in the right place. Come fall, it will be even better. :wink:

Also as Ad mentioned, if you have any issues finding an officer in game, just post here and one of us will hop on. I’ll be a no-show much of this weekend, but can log in just about any time during the week with a smidgen of advanced notice. =D

Interviewed and approved by Ad! Welcome to the guild =D