guild invite

Been raiding with you guys since Tomb and really enjoy the vibe and raiding with the group.Havent raided since downing Lich King (dont consider lfr raiding) and have been guildless since, didnt play Mists. Started raiding experience in Kharazan. Hoping to keep raiding with this guild when BFA comes out. My headset was from Lich King era at the bottom of a drawer in 2 pieces when I started raiding with you all, so it went in trash and havent bought another one. Honestly i have nothing to say thats super important anyways that I cant type. Im fine with someone just telling me what needs to be done. I have always raided as a healer and this is my first foray into dps raiding. I can heal or dps. Im terrible as melee for some reason though. Im not a computer person at all and I was seriously praying that I could get discord installed and working at one point. Im just a Journeyman electrician who gets up early to work so when you see me die to Weenie arm, like I did for 4 weeks in a row at one point, it just means I didnt get my nap after work so my reaction time was a litltle slow. Please dont hold this against me when going over the detailed charts of the number of deaths and poor dps performances I pulled off.

Thanks, Kevin

Supermodel!!! Welcome on over to the lawn. =D AS soon as you catch an officer online, just poke us for an invite (Ruby, Ryla, Gomletta, and of course, me!) There are other officers who don’t raid, so if you’re especially antsy for an invite, you can message anyone in guild and they’ll see if one is on. =D

Turning on your forum access in the mean time.

Yay! One of us! lol :slight_smile: