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my name is Jason. I started playing wow in 2007. my home server is Zuluhed. was in many active guilds throughout my years on that server, i raided in wotlk and here and there through cata and pandaria. as of last year i server hopped back and forth between 6 different servers trying to find the right home. I started a brand new fresh account a month ago. Made a permanent change to horde and looking for a guild to stay with for a very long time.

My toon is lvl 60 and has her exp bar deactivated. My account is updated to the latest expansion, but iam playing with a twist, iam completing each expansion one at a time, i dont move on til all factions, exploring and quest achievements are done for that expansion. yes it will take a long time, but its something i want to do…to experience the game in a different light.

a little insight on me…my name is jason, i reside in Lansing MI. i have a fiance and a 20 month old daughter, i work fulltime at a local marina in the parts dept. my nickname is moose - was born 11lbs 6oz and the nurse gave me that name.

Hi Jason!

Your app is almost too good, which makes me think you’re a moose shaped witch. You’re actually playing the game, like really, truly experiencing the entire game? Yep, a witch, or maybe a really good match for our guild. I suppose you can always be both, which is totally fine also. xD

Just as fair warning, summer is our slow time. Family vacations, conventions, sunlight… these things make it a little lower population than the rest of the year, but I suppose outside of the hardcore guilds, this is normal for the game in general. If that doesn’t scare you off, then please poke any member in game and ask to speak with an officer for a quick and painless interview. If for some reason you have trouble finding one of us on at a time convenient for you, just post here the next time you’ll be on and one of us will do our best to log in. =)

I should also note that a number of us are achievement junkies, loremasters, altoholics, etc, and I’m going to guess that your play style will be very well received.

(2 time loremaster, Insane, playing the same toon since 2006 and all around achievement point badass) =P