Goodfeels Application

I’ve been playing games for over two decades starting with the NES. I started playing WoW towards the end of vanilla and have been playing on and off again since then (like everyone else it seems). I never really got the chance to do any end game content and that’s ultimately what I’m working towards right now. I’d be interested in mostly PvE with some PvP here and there for fun. I’m usually pretty quiet at first but once I warm up to people I can’t stop talking. Also, please inform Mirosa that I have a million billion dollar butter keeper hidden away in my pantry within my mansion on a skull shaped island. I may or may not be willing to share it…

Did you say… butter keeper? =O******

Next time you’re online, do a /who Get Off My Lawn and ask any member for an officer who can do a quick & mostly painless interview. =D If you have any difficulty finding one of us, just drop a note here when next you’ll be on & one of us will hop ingame. =)

Interviewed & approved by Mir =D

Welcome to the guild!