GOML's official FAQ

  1. You guys don’t raid?

We are not ‘raiders’ as in our goal is not to get to end game content. We experience end game content when we get enough people and feel like giving it a try. It is not our guild’s main goal. We do raid when we have the interest. We do NOT recruit specifically for that. We’re more about having fun and just experiencing the game the way we want. We’d like to have a balanced high level of all classes to make groups more feasible for regular instances but if we don’t…we don’t.

  1. Are there people on?

Yes and No. We are adults. And I know a lot of us work, so we’re not on 24/7. I for one work a full time job then come home to spend a little time with the wife before I log in. So I am not on till maybe late in the evenings. I’m also west coast, which means I’m logging in around 7 my time, 10 server time. But there are a lot of east coasters. And we have others who are on during the day. But you never know. We’re adults and we don’t guarantee that we have free time. The main rule in our guild is Real life comes first.

  1. Who’s going to help me?

Depends on what you mean as help. Take my max level toon to run your 20 something through content? Ain’t going to happen. Need some help though from my near level alt? That’s more likely to happen if I feel like jumping on them. We do not power level people. We do answer questions and try to be helpful. We do try to share recipes and what not in guild. We do give discounts to guild mates on various crafted items. We support and help each other, but we do not hand hold. This guild is for those that are interested in just having fun and taking care of themselves. We will help you, but we won’t level you.

  1. What’s with the age thing?

It just cuts down on the nonsense we get in guild. Sure maturity has nothing to do with age. But then again, we aren’t asking for maturity. We figure if you’ve got enough sense to get out in the world, get a job, etc. then you know how to deal with others and tend to have a lot less drama than just taking any joe schmo. We are selective in our interviewing and acceptance process. Not only do we want like-minded applicants to help maintain a zero drama atmosphere, but we also want you to be in a guild you are happy with. If Goml is not a good match for you during the application process, it is unlikely it will be afterwards.

  1. What about epic gear?

What about it? See what I said above about raiding. We have it, but it’s not our top priority.

  1. Do you pvp?

Yep. We have a lot of members who pvp frequently. They enjoy it. AV, AB, WSG you name it we probably got people doing it. Once again, it’s not the exclusive thing we do but it is fun and we enjoy anything that is fun.

  1. You a Teamspeak or Vent group?

Neither, we now use Mumble.

  1. How do I get in?

Go over and apply at our forums. Then contact us for an interview so we can ask you some questions. At that point if leadership approves, you come on board. We have a 30-day “get to know you” period where we figure out if we’re “right” for each other before you become a full member. Non-standard characters in your name or derogatory names are not permitted.

  1. What if you already have a bunch of my class already?

The thing about being relaxed is we don’t care about class totals. If we end up with 30 melee and 2 casters and 1 healer, so be it. We’re out to have fun, not rush through end game. We aren’t going to say no to someone because we’ve got 8 of their class already. Demonstrate that you’re mature, self reliant, and fun, and you’ll have no problem in our guild.

  1. How easy is it to get groups for quests and instances?

It depends on your willingness to put one together yourself. Officers and senior members are not responsible for putting together your instance run or inviting you to their runs. The best way to get a group is for you to make one. We always suggest that you start by whispering the classes that you need. Every 5-man in WoW needs a tank and a healer of some sort, so you need to have those in place. We don’t expect that by just throwing it out in guild chat that everyone will come running. Sometimes it takes patience and effort to get a run going, but as mature players, we just do something else until we can get a run going.
The best way to get to know the regular members is through voice chat. Hop on to Mumble and just listen in if you like, but expect to be called a 12 year old Swedish girl (its a long standing joke) until we actually hear your voice. /grin

  1. Is there anything else I should know?

Just that we’re a fun bunch of old players who like to have fun and do the best we can in game. We’re not about being the first, but about having fun. End game will be there when we get to it. These walkers don’t go that fast, but they make sure we get there in the end.