Galvorbak... Yup that chaos raiser

Hello There! went for the walk the other day and this weird multicoloured swirl appeared and woke up on Tanaris somehow… Apologies I suck at applications…

Been a long time WoW player pretty much grew up with it as my folks were huge WoW players way back in the day and I a huge Warcraft/Starcraft/Age of Empires player (Or as I called it the city builder games). Really got into at the start of Mists and been playing regularly since. I am a rather laid back person who loves to banter about all sorts of topics especially table top game (which I do warn I could go on for hours talking about it) and am a casual competitive player I love to do hard content like mythic plus and Heroic raids and have as much fun making progress and laughing at all the chaos that ensues when a wipe is in progress as you may or may not have witnessed during raid nights. on other topics I have no clue why Mir so desperately wants a butter keeper maybe Awgy tampers with it when shes not looking or maybe shes busted Map or Varg (Maybe Both) licking her butter who knows! as for a Million Billion Dollars and a Skull Shaped Island I’d retire Early and open the world greatest Tabletop and Airsoft/Paintball action sport retreat! Who wouldn’t want to play a wargame on a Skull Shaped Island!

Galv!!! I forgot to tell you about my awesome nail polish combo this week, it’s tiny, small and larger sparkles on top of a deep purple base and looks kind of like a galaxy. I think it’s may fav of all the colors I bought the night I was heckling you on Discord. Oh, ya… and of course you’re approved, so anyway… ya where was I? SPARKLES!!!

Poke me tonight for an invite, and omg if anyone ever licked my butterkeeper o.O I’d be using more than a stapler on their tongues.