For the canners & preservers out there

I found this blog which has some awesome sounding unusual recipes, like nasturtium pesto (who knew. I mean, I know the flowers are tasty, but apparently the whole plant is edible) and lots of stuff from foraged plants and whatnot. I noticed there are a few of us at least who do canning on Nyn’s post about the pear jam and thought I’d share.

omfg that site is awesome… I’m going to spend sooooo much time on there learning and reading! thanks Ryla!

P.S. so tell me, how the heck do you guys forage and not eat the bad mushrooms? Is there like a trick to it (as in birds eating it = otay?) or is there a good book for it?
Your mage demands more cake… errr tips!

I don’t like mushrooms, so they’re the only things I don’t forage. However, I am planning on going out with some friends of mine that pick mushrooms to learn, because heck, if I’m ever stuck out in the bush and need the skill I don’t want to poison myself (and it’s a fun way to make a bit of extra cash in the fall.) I would definitely find a book or someone knowledgeable to show you with mushrooms.

I’d be a little scared to pick my own shrooms to. But what about the rest of it, like edible flowers, herbs, etc. Any good resources?

If you do get a book you’ll want to make sure it’s one local to your area. Otherwise your local garden club or university might have speakers come in on the topic that would be area specific. You might be able to find something online too. I’ve found west coast specific resources online. I learned a lot via just trying things, but I wouldn’t recommend that, I’m very lucky that I never made myself really sick. I’m not so keen to do that now that I’m older and supposedly wiser, but I still find myself occasionally picking a leaf or flower of something and munching on it without thinking. Mushrooms and berries are probably the worst to do that with.