Duder, Ahchoo, Deremus Application

Good afternoon,

Game name is Duder (Veng DH), Ahchoo (Arms War), and Deremus(nerfed Fire Mage). I have been gaming since birth, (captain Skyhawk) and place 3rd in my regional Blockbuster video game championship (still not as good as the two time though). I played CS for a long time and jumped into WOW in 2008. Quit in 2010 and picked it back up in September. I work remote most of the time so I game throughout the day depending on my schedule.

I usually like to lead but not opposed to following, even blindly if the circumstance dictates it. I’m friendly and easy going and love humor. I don’t take this game as seriously as most of the PUG RBG groups i jump into. This is a game… no bearing on real life so enjoy it while you play it.

I’m mostly interested in PVP for my warrior, some pvp and mostly pve for my DH, and probably mostly pve for the mage although I’ve always been melee so I’m still learning how to be a caster.

I don’t know Jazzy or hoveraround. Can you teach me to football?

I have a cat that is probably Satan’s alter ego. She’s my wife’s…

I got into gaming because both of my parents worked as a kid and they needed me to do something other than watch married with children…

because trying to spread cold butter on toast is way too frustrating. get a butter keeper and put Ghee in it.

I’d build an off the grid homestead that is self sufficient. That’s it…