Closed account getting hacked

Hello GOML,
Long time no see. I just received an email today telling me that my battlenet account password had been changed. As I haven’t played WoW in over a year I of course suspected nefarious deeds of the account hacking kind. Sure enough it looks like someone managed to utilize my account and access some free kind of trial or something. From what I can tell my account has been banned now. My deathknight, Helljack is probably sitting naked somewhere in Northrend catching a cold because some interloper stripped all of his gear and sold it. My hunter, Solys probably doesn’t have anything to feed his pet and one of those animal rescue agencies has placed him in a shelter.
I imagine that my characters had already been removed from the guild (Gummer was always good about kicking inactive players) so it’s my hope that none of my toons stole anything from the guild vault. I’m sorry if any problems arose from this occurence.
I still think of the GOML crew from time to time… easily my favorite guild I’ve ever been in on any MMO. Take care of yourselves and have fun.

Sorry to hear about this. There is still a lot of account hacking going on I’m afraid. I’ll check to see if we removed your characters or not. Hope you’re having fun out there–stop by and say Hi again some time.

I THOUGHT I saw Helljack running around Dalaran nekked begging for gold…!