Build-A-Mythic+ Group Workshop! =D***

Looking for a mythic+ group to learn and grow with week to week?

Uber already but have an alt you’re willing to tank or heal on for that o’so’Special “3 dps looking 4 moar!”

Want to know wtf a Prideful actually is?

Then sign up here to find and form your very own regular mythic+ group!!!

(For ease of organization, signup with: name, class, role & preferred regular run day/time.)

Fellvarg - Frost Dk - DPS/(tank - learning) - prefered run days: weekend afternoons (flexible) and also post 5pm pst on non-raid days and post raid. Best possible night is Sunday night.

Mapena - marksmanship hunter - similar hours to varg but not always good on Sunday night.

Nangsa - BM hunter - DPS. I am already committed to two other groups on Sundays. Non-raid night is preferred.

I will probably have to say no more often than not with the baby (and my dog currently recovering from knee surgery) but please keep asking me to fill random spots if you have them. But please know it’s not because I don’t want to group with you all. I do! I will come if at all able. Tank or DPS

Shrutefarms - Aff Lock - RDPS. I’d love to get in a regular group. As my PC is in my office, I only play during the week. Afternoons PST are usually easier, but I’m open.

Ruby would love to get in on some that sweet M+ action!