banana pudding

This is the best banana pudding I have ever had IMO.

Banana Pudding

1 batch… vanilla custard, still warm
2 boxes … vanilla wafers
at least 6 bananas (medium to large, I always eat any extras so make sure I have some extras)

Slice the bananas, about 1/8" thickness.
Pour the vanilla wafers out and sort out the “pretty” ones (not chipped or cracked) to cover
the top of the bowl. Use the rest when building the pudding.
The vanilla custard must be warm to be properly amenable to the layering that is done.
Build the pudding per the technique below.
Cover bowl with wrap.
Place bowl in refrigerator to chill (I always chilled it overnight).

Use a large bowl for the built pudding (I’m not sure the size of my glass bowl, it has been too many years since I got it, I think it is a 4 quart bowl). This is the build technique that has worked best for me over the years. Multiple small bowls also work well.

Put a thin layer of custard in bowl.
Add a layer of vanilla wafers, round side down (break wafers as needed to eliminate holes, the interior layers cannot be seen).
Add a thin layer of custard.
Add a layer of banana slices.
Add a thin layer of custard.
Repeat the previous four alternating layers until out of custard or bowl is
End with a top layer of vanilla wafers. Use the “pretty” ones sorted out
earlier, with the round side up.