Bacon! (thread requires no further introduction)

Somehow, I missed that there was a whole section around cooking on these forums. Plus it’s been rather inactive. No more!

Since all of you aren’t connected to me in other social media, you may not know that one of my hobbies is BBQing, preparing & curing meats. If I wasn’t in my current line of work, I’d probably own a BBQ or deli shop… or both!

I’ve been working on a batch (~20lbs) of bacon for the past 2 weeks and finally got it into the smoker over the weekend.

It turned out amazing. Smoky bacony goodness.

Hooooolllllyyyyyyy smoke. Please teach us your ways!!! Smoking and curing is like the last frontier of cooking for me since we’ve always been in an apartment. Though I know I can’t smoke out the entire neighborhood here either (townhouse), I’d love some suggestions on resources and many, many, more pictures. xD

I’ve only made two attempts (one successful, one not) at making bear bacon. I must say, you look far more skilled at it than i! One thing I’d love to learn how to do is dry cured sausages. Maybe one day.

OH MY GOD, that looks so good!

I need a moment alone…

xD !!!