Arcadus - Guild Application

<Synopsis - Reason for Applying>
I am just a casual WoW player who has played on and off since late 2007 looking to recapture that fun comradery of getting through a raid with some fun people. I came to GOML because I have known of the guild even when I played on the alliance back in the day and I know one person in the guild, Marsten who actually helped me acquire the materials for the Sky Golem mount and I figured I would aim to go for a guild that had a more mature atmosphere with someone I knew.

Arcadus - 100 Paladin - MS Holy / OS Ret - ~644 Sheldor - 95 Warlock - Destruction Dapriestess - 90 Priest - (Mainly a Healer Toon) Archaedos - 86 Mage - Frost / Arcane Kazzaak - 90 Hunter Ohmoohoo - 61 Druid - Feral

As of right now I can raid any night of the week, but come mid-January I’ll have a course on Monday and Wednesday nights and will be unavailable then. I am going to school for computer science actually focused in game development and am developing a game with a few friends for my senior project so I always have fun things to do inside and outside of WoW.

I am not sure what else to put here but I guess I am aiming for a good atmosphere, I like to help others and it would be cool to do some progression.

Interviewed and approved by Mir! Welcome to the lawn!