Apricot Garlic Flank Steak

Mir harassed me to post this - if it doesn’t come out good, blame her. :slight_smile: It’s another one that wasn’t originally mine then was so morphed that I don’t recognize where it came from originally (okay, okay - this one Glork found, told me about, and couldn’t remember the rest so we improvised).

3-4 cloves garlic (or more if you like garlic…on second thought, add more!) - minced or grated
2 cans apricot halves (drained with the juice reserved, and sliced)
2 good handfuls of chili powder
1 flank steak
about 6 tbsp balsamic vinegar
one good bunch of a nice herb (we used basil but you could experiment), finely chopped (or 1-2 good handfuls of dried)

Mix the garlic, apricot juice, and chili powder in a large ziploc bag. Toss the steak in the bag and just let that bad boy hang out while you go shopping, go to work, raid, etc. A few hours later, grill him as normal and slice into fairly thin strips.

Mix the apricots, balsamic vinegar, and basil. Let that come to room temperature if it’s chilled.

Top the steak with the apricots and serve.

Tomorrow we’ll be doing a fruit/steak fajita with the leftovers and some fresh salsa.

just… plain… =O********