Hi :smiley:! my toon is Nakamarra she is currently 908 ilvl as a BM hunter. I would like to join guild for raiding and mythic dungeons, i understand im not geared too well to do things like heroic tos or 13+ mythics but do consider me joining

Hi Naka,

I just want to make sure that you read our front page. While we do have members who raid and do mythic+s, the guild itself is casual and does not organize these events. If you were looking for progression, we would not be a great choice in this regard.

The members who do raid do so through an OpenRaid group that is separate from . Furthermore, that group is more interested in teaching raiding vs. being progressive. The remaining (and majority) of the other members are here for social aspects, grouping and achievements. If you were looking for a social guild with a very wide variety of play styles, then we’re a great pick. =)

If you are still interested in joining our guild after the clarification, please contact any member to be directed to an officer for our standard interview. Thanks!