Memnoch, toon names, Missbehaving, memnochshunt, memnochsmage, played with hau
since the beginning of time, last decent guild SSDD, like to have fun, able to play most
anytime as long as I know in advance. Been gaming since black and white pong was
the latest thing, older than dirt, smart as a whip. Hope to play with you… tks

Hey Mem! Your’s is certainly a name I recall seeing around Tanaris for quite a long time. xD

Just because I know you hail from the raiding guild side of the server, I just wanted to make sure that you read our guild ToS - mainly the part that we’re not a raiding guild ourselves. We have plenty of ex-raiders here, but I always like to make sure that new apps are aware of this fact. In fact, the very first thing we say in our interviews is: Goml is not a raiding guild. While we may have members who raid and organize groups, the guild does not.

If that sounds a-ok, then please contact any member of Get Off My Lawn to be directed to an officer for a brief interview.

I used to be a raider but completely left that in the last expansion, I have only done 1 dungeon this expansion, I just like to play with
friends and have fun, a raid is secondary to that. thanks

Awesome =) Let me know if you’re having any difficulty getting a hold of an officer. I haven’t been online myself in a few days due to a project, but we can always arrange to have someone hop online to get it done.