Greetings, members of Get Off My Lawn! I have read your application guidelines and I’d like to apply for membership to your guild. Your age requirement of 25+ and laid back (not to mention a sense of humor) approach is what really piqued my interest regarding your guild. Like many players who have logged back on recently, I’ve returned after approx 1 1/2 year off to play the new Legion content. As far as experience goes, I used to be a hardcore raider back in the vanilla days, but those days are long-gone. I’m now a casual player who enjoys grouping with a good group of people to enjoy questing, pvp, instances etc. When an officer is available to chat, I will be in-game under the following names:

Frostychode: Priest (Main)
Magia: Mage
Githany: Shaman

Talk to you soon!


While your app sounds pretty great, we do unfortunately have a policy of forbidding character names that some may find offensive. Though this may sound a little uptight on first glance considering we’re all gamers and have seen much worse, we do have a number of members who enjoy showing the game to their kids, and would like to hold off on corrupting the wee ones for as long as possible. :wink: We also have a couple of grandmothers, lol.

Thank you for your interest in our guild. Should you ever consider renaming your main, we would be happy to reconsider your app. =)
(If you do, Blizz may still offer free name changes in this type of situation.)

That’s too bad because you seem like a very good guild. I will say it’s a bit disappointing that I’m not receiving consideration because of a silly name (which was a movie reference from “I Love You Man”). And while I can respect your need to protect the younger players who are watching this game, I think it’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that somehow these kids (assuming they’re 13 or under) will become corrupt as a result of my name popping up during raids. Moreover, it’s more reasonable to think these kids have watched/heard far worse from the stuff they watch on TV and things said/done by other classmates at school, so I think my name is the least of their worries. In short, in all due respect, I feel it’s a bit petty on your part because my name has little to do with my skill as a player, helpfulness and overall contribution to your guild. That said, I wish you all the best and I applaud your guild’s ability to stay together all these years and wish you much success in WoW. Cheers - Frostychode

For what it counts, we did reject an app with this exact same character name back in 2010.

While I can respect your arguments, our guild policy (which should have been read prior to applying) does outline clearly our opinion on language that others may find overly offensive ( That it was a movie reference doesn’t really change the connotation.

We wish you the best of luck in finding a guild that meets your needs and playstyle.