Greetings all!

I am a RL friend of Rubyrhod, known him for nearly 30 years (yeah, it has really been that long, Jeff. Crazy!). Anyway, I’ve played WoW since release and took a break after Cataclysm came out. Came back and played a little WoD, and now getting excited for Legion.

I am a notorious alt-ahololic, but it is not a class envy thing with me, I just enjoy the fresh possibilities of a new character. :slight_smile: I main a Paladin and typically have 3-5 at cap, just cause I enjoy leveling them, trying new builds/race/combos, etc…

I have casually raided as heals and tank from BC through WotLK and then in SWTOR. Since then LFR and the like has been OK. I am interested in doing some raiding in normal or heroic if that is an option and have really gotten into trying to chase achievements; the new XMOG system is a completionist dream!

Thanks for your consideration -

~Moku (Hakaf is my character name)

Howdie Moku!

So glad you found your way to the dark side of the lawn! We are all terrible alt-aholics too, so you’re among friends. For the first month you will be limited to 2 toons in guild so that we can get to know you, but after that, we’ll invite the whole brood. =D

While we are a casual guild, we do all the fun stuff but in a relaxed manner. Currently we have a raid group running on Wednesdays made up of guildies & OpenRaid that focuses on fun progression and learning. We also have a group that finished their 8/8 silver challenge mode runs last month and a number of players who pvp regularly. Achievements… don’t get me started. We probably have the highest number of Loremasters and Insane people in WoW. =P

Next time you’re online, just poke any member of the guild to be directed to an officer for a quick interview (at which time we will grill you about Ruby and his sekrets!), and an invite. =D

Hey thanks!

I am online now but don’t see anyone. I will keep checking throughout the day -

  • Moku

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