I’m 26 and my second baby is about to be born. I’ll have some time off so I figured I would jump back in and get ready for Legion. One of my LARP colleagues runs in this guild so I figured I would dive in with both feet. I have played since BC with sporadic breaks for school, work, and family. I am interested in all types of gaming but MMO’s are special to me because of their repetitive nature. It’s therapeutic to me and I enjoy playing with relaxed people. Lastly, I am a good listener and in the event of an executive decision, I err on the side of action.


I have a cat and a dog and neither one of them are much good at video games.


I was warned that we might have some fresh meat… errr, a new applicant! Nice to see you made it over to the lawn.

I also unfortunately promised not to cannibalize you (yet!), so please ask to speak with an officer the next time you’re online for a short, bloodshed free interview and invite.

Perhaps I should have dinner before you log on… I’m awfully hungry and I wouldn’t want your colleague to be angry at me for having a nibble. :wink:

I should also be on this evening if you’re around :slight_smile: Sorry I keep seeming to miss you!

Interviewed and approved by Aderynn :smiley: Let’s see how long it takes me to remember how to fix his forum access…

TA DA!!!

Welcome to the lawn!