Application Time

Non - Interesting, but completely useful facts about me:

  • Been playing wow since vanilla, so I can add to all the old timer stories and help my old friends remember things like taming new pets in order to gain their a new pet ability.
  • Leveled a priest as Holy during the burning crusade expansion, so I am clearly stubborn, I mean …dedicated to healing
  • My MB is INFP - so you may say I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one yay the 4%
  • I was in this guild previously, on a BE hunter, but my friends were on a different server. and played alliance /sigh
  • I will be 45 this year, as will my hubs. He started me on WoW, so he wouldn’t get in as much trouble for playing all the time.
  • I have one dog, who can not play Wow, what-so-ever, and is only four, so I will not be sharing my account with her, I have a reputation to uphold.

oh, and in my last interview we discussed my first album, which was Sean Cassidy. It hurts my Danny Elfman obsession to admit that now… I’d like to pretend it was Oingo Boingo if that is alright with you guys.
My current toon on Tanaris is a blood elf priest, shoe’s level ten, but I am thing she will be my boost toon. Her name is IXII (911) but sadly, no one reads roman numerals anymore. She is currently wearing purple which would be the most beloved of all colors.

Hope to talk to you soon!

Hey there!

Sorry I had to go afk suddenly and didn’t get to reply to you in game (when you mentioned that the app was posted). RL needs to just chill out on the weekends, lol.

Everything looks great with your app, but I know I’m not the only one who is going to be super curious about who your formerly guilded toon was (the BE hunter). If you’re not comfortable for some reason posting that here, that’s totally ok, but the officer who interviews/invites you will ask. We have only had a couple of crazy people in our near 10 years… but boy, they were, uhm… ya… /gives that look… that’s why we ask. lol.

If you don’t catch me online, feel free to do a /who get off my lawn and ask for an officer to do the interview. I have been taking a little peek at the alliance storyline, but most of the regulars know how to find me if no other officers are available. =D