Application: Spiffles

I chose a floppy disk icon since I remember them. I don’t miss them, but remember them. (insert disc n of nnn). Like modems - who misses those?

I’ve recently started playing wow (wow right?) so am fairly new. I have a few characters on Tanaris both alliance and horde (most recently playing horde) highest being 37. I’ve been looking for a guild but in a game as old as wow most guilds and players are all focused on raiding and stuff I haven’t even seen yet; I"m just starting out and leveling, trying to tailor myself some bags to hold more stuff (I’m a packrat at heart). Spiffles the mage was my first character so chose that as my forum name but I don’t have a main so far really since I’m trying out different classes. I usually gravitate to healer classes in mmos.

I think my first mmorpg was Asherons Call, which was a lot of fun. The open world concept and feeling of exploration was pretty cool back then. Anyone remember that one? Also was a big fan of Tribes fps (the original, never got into tribes 2/3 etc). Shazbot!

When wow came out I was playing DAoC and while a lot of people were hyped on wow I stuck with daoc, didn’t think wow would be as good as everyone thought it would be. Never dreamed wow would become as big as it did and take mmo into mainstream. When I stopped playing daoc I started playing eve online, which I still play, but don’t take that as a black mark on my app :wink:

I’m looking for a relaxed and casual group of friendly people to play with, bounce questions off of, and have a sense of community with. I’m just leveling up and taking my time with it, trying different classes, doing quests and such.

Maybe I’m bad at reading but is Lawn alliance or horde or both? Doesn’t really matter since I have both on Tanaris but was curious.

I am -so- sorry that no one got back to you in a more timely manner. I know at least two of us have been on mad canning/preserving binges when not in game the past couple of weeks, but still… we should come up for air more often. xD Today my apartment smells of concord grape fruit leather and its amazing, trufax.

It sounds like you would be a great fit for our guild and hope you haven’t settled into a different guild in the mean time. We are Horde side Tanaris, though we do have a tiny Alliance alt guild as well so that we don’t get harassed with ginvites when playing over there. If you are still lawn-less, please do a /who Get Off My Lawn and ask any member to direct you to an officer for a very quick interview/invite.