Application - Justmax/Averagemax

Greetings all.

I have been playing WoW off and on since release. I was a big fan of Diablo and WC3, and in high school I couldn’t wait for WoW. I have played other mmos, but not as seriously (FFXI and LOTRO a bit). I was a somewhat serious raider in vanilla doing the good old MC, Ony, and ZG. In TBC I raided a bit more heavily doing Kara, SSH, Mag, Gruul, etc. In subsequent expansions I have cared less for raiding, sticking mostly to what I can accomplish though LFR. I want to be clear- I am not looking to get into heavy raiding again, but I have some experience in it if you are ever 1 man short!

I think I will take the liberty of touching on each of your suggested topics:

I am pretty laid back and quiet most of the time. I can be fairly sarcastic.

Me 5 years in the future:
In the future I am looking to get the “Salty” title. All I need is that DAMN 15lb mud snapper!

Jazzy story:
Ok this is a true story. I used to work as a dialysis technician and a number of our patients had Jazzys (Jazzies?). After they rode them to their chair, we would have to bring (i.e. drive) the scooter back to scale so we could weigh it. (This is to get an accurate weight of the pt.) Of course, you had to always do this at top speed and, more than once, I almost ran over little old ladies in walkers.

Pets and warlock:
I have 2 dogs. Migi and Tejas. I am a mean warlock - but I’m not into animal sacrifice so the pets are safe.

How I got into gaming:
I have basically always been into gaming frankly. During vanilla I played with a solid core group who I was friends with IRL, but I have since moved and, as far as I know, most of them are not playing anymore.

Butter keeper theories:
I mean, why wouldn’t you want a butter keeper? …Let me answer that for you: fools. Only fools don’t want butter keepers. Next question.

Million billion dollars and a skull shaped island:
Start an evil syndicate (obviously) and sell advertising rights on the moon. Not for the money, just to ruin something beautiful for the entire world.

More stuff
I have seen a few of you walking around, but I mostly stumbled upon you guys from the Tanaris realm forum. I hope you will consider me for the guild. Honestly, this is exactly the type of guild I am looking for: a laid back guild without 15 year olds spamming gchat with jokes about boobs. (I much prefer a boob joke from an older joke teller: usually better delivery.)

I have two 100s on Tanaris: Justmax (Orc rogue) and Averagemax (Tauren priest). The former was my main in vanilla, and is more or less my main now. The latter I boosted and have no idea how to play.

Oh yeah, I’m 27.

Hope you hear from you soon!

Thank you for your detailed app, Justmax. Next time you’re online, just send a tell to any member of the guild to be directed to an officer for an interview. It’s fairly painless, I promise. We don’t bite. Well, most of us.

Just had to say that this app was the perfect way to start my otherwise less than stellar Wednesday. <3 for the awesome humor and the firm defense of butterkeepers everywhere (used mine just last night on some fantastic, fresh from the oven bread…fools! xD).

Just as a thought, if you’re on, around, and otherwise interested, tonight is our laid back Learn-2-Raid night which is open to everyone via OpenRaid. While we would be more than happy to interview you before or after the event (or on another day depending on your schedule, of course), just thought I would throw it out there. Just because we’re -not- a raiding guild, doesn’t mean we don’t have a lot of old Vanilla/BC/Wrath retired raiders like yourself looking to enjoy a little stroll through the good stuff. =P
OpenRaid details are here if at all bored/interested: otherwise we look forward to you Poke-catching an officer soon! =D

Thanks all for the warm welcome!

I’d be happy to join the raid - I don’t have the ilvl to sign up on openraid, but you don’t mind shoot me an invite!