Application from Saphyr

I am applying to your guild because I miss the fun I had in a guild back in the day before they made that dam dungeon finder that ruined most of the personal interactions of a guild.

  1. what was the name of the first album you ever owned? Okay don’t laugh…the first record I ever played was a single… Abba - Does Your Mother Know

  2. what is your favorite color? this answer changes a lot, red, blue, purple; don’t really have a favorite.

  3. Past gaming experience - I have been playing since it was “Warcraft” and I had to dial into my sister’s CPU on the landline dial-up. And before you ask yes I used the cheat codes glitteringprizes, itsagooddaytodie and a few others

  4. Personality type - idk sleepy?

  5. What you’re looking to try in the future? Retirement LOL

  6. A silly story about your Jazzy or Hoveround… Okay what is a Hoverhound? Once upon a time my Jazzy Hoverhound vacumed up my breakfast …crap I just realized it says Hoveround LMAO Okay so it ran over my breakfast?

  7. How many pets you have and whether or not they can play a mean warlock while you’re afk. I have one cat and it does like to lay on my husband’s keyboard but never mine. Now that I think about it that is weird.

  8. How you got into gaming? That dam pong on atari got me at a young age

  9. Theories as to why our GM Mirosa so desperately wants a butter keeper? Hmm I know what a butler is but not what a butler keeper is… so I am guessing it is because his butlers keep running off and he needs a “butler keeper” to make them stay!? OMG not again I was just reviewing this before hitting submit. I should erase it , but I wont. I really need to start wearing my reading glasses!!! BUTTER KEEPER Mirosa I use a 16 oz wide mouth mason jar with lid. Works great! Keeps the butter soft and free of ants/flies!!!

  10. What you would do with a million billion dollars and a skull shaped island? What wouldn’t I do? First and foremost I would quit my job!!! I would fill the Islands “eye sockets” with whiskey and the mouth with more whiskey. I would row my boat around in the whiskey pools propelling myself along with oars that doubled as straws. As I am currently in a drug testable position I can’t go into detail about what (in my retirement) I might grow on said Island. There would be a “tropical” forest… ya that’s it. I would give away all, but enough of the money to live out the rest of my days GAMING, fishing, swimming and paddle boarding; my life would be a peaceful one.


Thank you for your detailed application! GM Mirosa needs to update the ABOUT US page because TECHNICALLY I bought her a butter keeper for her birthday back like 8 years ago and she still uses it. BUT ::SIGH::

Next time you’re online, just do a /who Get Off My Lawn and ask to be directed to an officer for a quick and painless interview. Should you have any trouble getting a hold of one of us, just post a good time to meet up in-game and one of us will hop on. I’m also around now if you want to send me a tell.


Interviewed and approved by Mir =)