Application for Zalvinji

What up!

I’ve had the pleasure of raiding a couple times with the lot of you and the community here seems to be quite enjoyable to be around.

I’m IRL friends with Rick, Jebraxis, Lionel and Meluzia. I’ve known both Rick and Jebraxis for about a decade and a half already and Lionel for about 8 or 7 years I want to say. I’m roommates with Lionel too FYI.

I’m a 29 year old Mexican-American. I never completed my bachelor’s in game design due to costs, but while trying to save up money to complete my degree, I’m pretty sure I ended up in what will end up being my career. I work in a semiconductor fab and am a manufacturing technician. I work with engineers to make sure our tools are running the way they’re supposed to and sound the alarm if I notice anything goes wrong and make sure the guys below me don’t mess up. It gives me very long weekends since I work 12 hour shifts so I tend to have lots of WoW time unless something else has got my attention at the time.

I’ve been playing WoW since Jebraxis roped me in WAY BACK in classic. I remember those days were fun. I played all the way to Burning Crusade and stopped playing up until a little while ago. Rick, Jebraxis and Lionel pulled me back and I’ve just been playing catch up since then.

If you guys ever find yourselves in the Dallas, Texas area, give Lionel, Rick and I a shout-out and we can go get some drinks. I’ll buy the first and second round!

I hope to have a wonderful and prosperous friendship, it’ll be a pleasure to continue getting to know you all!


I know I’m a little late here, but if you haven’t gotten a hold of an officer in game for a quick interview and invite, please do!


Sorry was out of the country until now! Will see if I run into an officer at any point and ask for the interview.