Application for Wartic

This is Wartic, I just moved to Tanaris to find a friendly guild to just enjoy WoW.

I’m a IRL friend of Jitlok and I am playing a Warlock. My current level is 102 but i plan to be 110 by this weekend. I’ve been playing a rogue main since Late WOTLK and have been playing WoW since BC. I am one of those players who enjoys playing everything at least a little, having at least one of every class at level 100 or above.

I’ve spent legion being a lead for a very small casual friend guild on Sargeras and joining Jitlok for a second Guild also on Sargeras. Sadly they both ended due to people being busy with IRL stuff. So thanks to Jitlok I have came to Tanaris to join your guild and possibly a raid group.

I’ve been known to be quiet and reserved until someone gets me talking on something I truly enjoy. That is mostly Video games of many different types. I’ll do my best to answer any questions you have.

Bring him along, he is super fun :wink: and the more warlocks the better!

Hi Wartic,

Thank you for your application. I’m sure Jitlok has filled you in on the guild, but one thing I make sure to tell all new applicants is that GOML is not, has never been, and never will be a raid guild. True we do have some members that enjoy raiding, as we have some members that enjoy PVP, pet battles, and various other aspects of the game. But people and fun always come first. With that out of the way, make sure to have a read over our FAQ/rules, and then message any GOML member to see if an officer is about for a quick, and mostly painless, interview.

Quiet… reserved? Are you the mirror image of Jitlok??? xD

I kid… no wait, that would be a lie, because it is Jitlok we’re talking about. =P

INterviewed and approved! Welcome to the lawn!

Welcome to the guild Wartic!

Welcome to the Lawn!