Application for SugarAddict

My name is Cody and I currently reside in good ole’ Minnesota. My personality is Minnesota nice as you might expect. I am 29 and work 40-50 hours a week in retail management. I am currently single and living with some friends, but I lived with a girlfriend for 3 years before this year. I am now single and have been getting back into WoW a bit with my extra free time.

Speaking of WoW I started playing in 05 with the free trials. I couldn’t afford the game so I just played on trial accounts until 06. I played most of my hours in classic when I had friends that played. I have come back for each expansion since for varying amounts of time. When I played classic I mostly played PvP, but I only ever made it to Legionnaire status due to playing too many alts and just not being the best/most optimized player. Most of the expansions I’ve played over the years I have gotten more into the raiding side of things, but I like to dabble in everything and be an expert in nothing. Just like real life… Sigh Also, I play a little bit of everything for other games from multiplayer shooters to long, gear grinding rpgs.

Anyway I am a drama free person and I just enjoy hanging out with family and friends. I have a 3 year old nephew and a 5 year old niece an come from a pretty standard Midwest family. Growing up I spent my weekends and summers on a dairy farm with my dad and my weekdays and school in a city with my mom. I am looking forward to making some friends since a lot of mine don’t play anymore. I saw someone in game that was in the Get Off My Lawn guild and thought it was a funny name and then when I googled guilds to join it popped up so that’s how I ended up here. Seems like a drama free guild to hang out in so I thought I would throw an application in. If you want to know more about me just ask. Anyone reading this can feel free to add me in game too. I’m usually just doing random stuff and always down for whatever.

Bnet: SugarAddict#1589
Server: Greymane

Hi Cody, thanks for applying to the guild and telling us a bit about yourself. Feel free to do a /who Get Off My Lawn in game and ask any guild member if there’s an officer available to do an interview.

Dawww, I like that – Minnesota Nice. xD So much better than the NJ Finger and the Seattle Freeze I’m used to. =D Oh, and the southern “Bless Your Heart”… can’t forget that one. o.O

Interviewed by Ryla. Welcome to the guild!