Application for Skorm


I am a friend of Wartic, while Aisling and Svan are my brothers. I have been playing since Cata and currently main an alliance death knight, but also really enjoy playing my alliance rogue. Wartic is the one who taught me everything I know about rogues, so he is the reason I enjoy playing them so much and why I also enjoy pvp. Since Wartic, Aisling, and Svan are playing horde, I wanted to make a horde character as well so I could still play with them despite mainly playing alliance. Because of this I don’t plan to be on this character as much, but I would still like to participate in the occasional mtyhic+ runs, pvp, and the occasional shenanigans. I played horde a little during MoP as well.

I am rather shy and quiet so I don’t talk much and can get rather nervous around people I’m not familiar with, but once I get to know them I’m pretty relaxed and typically get along with everyone. I really enjoy challenging PvE content along with collecting achievements, pets, mounts, and transmog gear from older content. Despite not being very good at it, I also enjoy PvP as well. I’m almost always around to message.

Interviewed and approved by Ryla. Welcome to the guild!

Welcome to the lawn!!