Application for Serratia

Hi there,

I started playing WOW with fiancé who later became my husband. I have fond memories of raiding with my newly born daughter on my lap. However, when she became a toddler, I stopped playing WOW. Now, my daughter is teenager and I have free time for my favorite game again.

In the past I have enjoyed the occasional raid. I love the new dungeon finder as I am a very casual player. The thing I miss most from my past in WOW was the guild and the comradery of not playing completely alone. Our last guild was Rawhide Prime and our first was Ordo. I am still Facebook friends with several members from way back then.

My main toon is an arcane mage named Serratia which is the genus name of my favorite microorganism. I majored in Microbiology, and I started playing WOW right out of college. My username is college was Jubilee which was my favorite XMEN. I am a really big SCIFI nerd. My kitchen is Star Wars themed and we have a ton of Star Wars Legos in our basement.

I don’t remember the name of the first album I ever owned. My memory is terrible. However, I do remember my favorite color is navy blue.

I am 46 and female…Not sure what else you would like to know. I would appreciate being part of a guild again.

Thanks for your time.