Application for Ritalia

Hi there! I’m a friend of… I’m not actually sure what name he mostly goes by here, but his discord name is O_Connell. I know him extensively through Final Fantasy XIV as well as through a real life friend! My character is on Illidan, but he told me to go ahead and apply here anyways.

Anyway, I’m a long time FFXIV player who’s been a on a little bit of an MMO kick lately, and I’ve really been enjoying WoW so far. I just hit 60, and I’m hoping to find a community where I can learn about the PvE endgame in a relaxed, chill environment. WoW is still sort of a side game for me, so I’m not looking for a raiding guild so much as a guild that I can occasionally join a raid with, or figure out Mythic+ dungeons when the opportunity arises. And otherwise I’d just enjoy a new community to play the game with! I’ve been basically playing solo so far, but MMOs are always best with others.

As for me in general, I’ve been gaming in some capacity since before I could read. (Games were a lot harder when I couldn’t read any of the instructions or text, but I managed somehow). My first MMO was Everquest, and I adored it. I played WoW for a while during Cata (technically started in BC), and I’ve dropped back in for a week or two a couple of times since then, but this is the first time I’m giving it another really fair shot.

And just to prove I did read the instructions on the main page, the first album I ever bought was Sunshine Express by Nanobii, as a gift to a friend. And my favorite color is purple (specifically deep violet).

Thanks for your detailed application.

I’ll get in touch with you shortly for a brief interview and invite you to the discord.